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Minecraft Server List displays the best Minecraft Servers worldwide for online play. Simply scroll down to find a server you're interested in. Copy the Server Address (IP & Port), and paste it into your Minecraft client under the Multiplayer option. You can also filter servers by Minecraft Server Categories. We regularly ping each server to ensure they are online and ready for gameplay. An offline server will be marked with a red sign.

Top Minecraft Servers

Rank Name Server Players Status
51BorkLand Network

BorkLand Network Minecraft server es una red de servidores de Minecraft que ofrece una variedad de modalidades de juego y una conexión confiable para todos los usuarios. El servidor está diseñado para brindar una experiencia de juego en línea emocionante y de calidad.A...


Realmi on suomalainen Minecraft-palvelin, joka tarjoaa monipuolisia pelimuotoja pelaajille. Seuraavat pelimuodot ovat saatavilla palvelimella:Survival: Survival-pelimuodossa pelaajat voivat selviytyä luonnon keskellä ja rakentaa omia maailmojaan. Tässä pelimuodossa sinun t&aum...


SagePvP is a Minecraft server that caters to the hardcore factions (HCF) community, providing an immersive and competitive PvP experience for players. The server offers a range of game modes that focus on intense PvP gameplay and practice.The primary game mode on SagePvP is HCF (Hardcore Factions...


Watones Minecraft server is a Spanish survival Minecraft server that caters to players who speak the Spanish language. It offers a community and gameplay experience specifically tailored to Spanish-speaking players.As a survival server, Watones focuses on providing a classic Minecraft survival ex...

55Vanilla Europa

Vanilla Europa is a Minecraft server that aims to provide a semi-vanilla experience for players. The server's main objective is to offer a multiplayer environment that closely resembles the vanilla Minecraft gameplay while implementing measures to prevent griefing and ensure a friendly community....

56Esta Network

The Esta Network is a premium Minecraft server that focuses on PvP (Player versus Player) gameplay. While still in the development stages, the server has been released and offers a specific gamemode called Bot Practice.Bot Practice is a Practice server designed for players using Minecraft version...

57Overcast Network

The Overcast Network is a Minecraft server that offers a variety of original and exciting team-based gamemodes. They have gamemodes like Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Team Deathmatch, and more, providing a unique and enjoyable PvP experience for players.One of the highlights of the server i...


Simpcraft Minecraft server is an anarchy server that promotes a non-toxic atmosphere for its community. Anarchy servers typically allow for complete freedom and lack strict rules or moderation, allowing players to engage in unrestricted gameplay.Despite being an anarchy server, Simpcraft aims to ...

59Overcast Community

The Overcast Community Minecraft server offers players a diverse range of PvP maps to enjoy. These maps are created by talented designers from both the former Overcast Network and the community itself, ensuring a variety of unique objectives and gameplay experiences.Managed by former administrato...

60Mooncraft Network

Mooncraft Network es un servidor dedicado a la comunidad de Minecraft. Es un lugar donde los jugadores pueden reunirse y disfrutar de diversas experiencias en el juego. Como socio de SugarCube, Mooncraft Network busca proporcionar una experiencia de juego de calidad y diversión para sus ju...

61Dragon Block Zero S

Dragon Block Zero S is the official Dragon Block C (DBC) server, offering players a unique and immersive Dragon Ball experience within Minecraft. This server provides a large and ever-expanding world where players can embark on extraordinary journeys.One of the notable features of Dragon Block Ze...


HetGames Minecraft server is a Minecraft server that offers various game modes for players to enjoy. The server provides a range of different gameplay experiences to cater to different player preferences.The server offers the following game modes:Skyblock: In this game mode, players start on a fl...


Prostocraft is a Minecraft server that holds a significant presence in the Russian Minecraft community. It has gained recognition as one of the top servers in the world and was founded by Mauzer, a renowned Russian YouTuber with a substantial following of 400,000 subscribers.The server is primari...

64Rede Imperium

A Rede Imperium is a Minecraft server based in Brazil that focuses on the RankUp gameplay mode. The server is currently in the Beta phase and aims to become the best RankUp server in Brazil, with the support and participation of its players.RankUp is a game mode in which players progress through ...


10b10t is a Minecraft server that offers a semi-vanilla survival gameplay experience with a focus on player versus player (PVP) encounters. The server promotes a "no rules" environment, allowing players to engage in unrestricted gameplay. However, there are exceptions to this freedom, particularl...


Minecraft.SI is a Slovenian Minecraft network that brings together the Slovenian survival community with the Starfall's network. The server aims to provide an enjoyable and entertaining Minecraft experience for players in Slovenia.By combining the Slovenian survival community with the Starfall's ...


CubeBuilders is a Minecraft server that fosters a friendly and collaborative environment for players. The primary gameplay revolves around factions, where players can create or join existing factions, work together, and build amazing structures.To start playing, you can either join an existing fa...

68Kings of Europe

Kings of Europe Minecraft server is an online gaming community that provides a unique gameplay experience within the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. The server focuses on geopolitical gameplay and offers players a vast 1:100 scale map of Europe as the game world.In this server, players have the ...

69Crystalline Benderz

Crystalline Benderz is a Minecraft server that offers a unique and immersive bending experience inspired by the popular animated series "Avatar: The Last Airbender". On this server, players have the opportunity to become master benders and harness the powers of the elements.Here are some key feat...


ElysianPvP is an exciting Minecraft server that is currently in the early beta stage. It offers two main gameplay modes: BoxPvP and Mining. The server aims to create a thrilling and engaging experience for players, and your participation during this phase is crucial in identifying and reporting a...


The feather64 Minecraft server has been in operation since 2012 and was created as a response to the closure of some beloved servers. It is a Raiding-Survival server with minimal moderation, allowing for raids, PvP (player versus player), and griefing. The server does not have land protection or ...

72The Realm

The Realm Minecraft server is a premium server created by players for players, aiming to provide an enhanced and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Here are some of the key features and characteristics of the server:Seasonal Events with Unique Seasonal Gear: The server hosts special events tied to...

73CoffeeCraft Survival

CoffeeCraft Survival is a Minecraft server that caters to players who enjoy vanilla Survival gameplay and are looking for a friendly community to join. It provides an environment where players can make friends quickly and have a great time together, while also promoting a culture of respect and d...


LightSkies is a Minecraft server that offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience. The server features SkyMining, an exciting twist on the traditional mining experience, where players explore and gather resources in the sky. This custom game mode provides a fresh and challenging environment...


Mysticalness is a Minecraft server that offers both survival and prison game modes for players to enjoy. The server aims to provide a good and enjoyable experience for its player base.In the survival game mode, players can immerse themselves in a challenging and immersive survival world. They wil...


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