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The Minecraft Anarchy servers can be quite unique. They don't have any rules, as the name implies. They are very difficult and hostile, and encourage grief. PvP is also allowed. If you are able to escape spawn without being killed, your first priority should be to obtain food and to build a safe base where you can stay. Below is a list of the most exciting Anarchy servers!

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JaguarPVP is tagged as Anarchy server. Welcome to JaguarPVP A new Player VS Player Experience We are carefully considering everything about our server for our Jaguar 1.0 Release. There are many practice games, finalgames and fun games like Anarchy...


DonutSMP is tagged as Anarchy server. DonutSMP is a HARDCORE Minecraft Server and SMP that allows Bedrock Java | Extremely Active Community for a Minecraft Hardcore SMP Server where if you die, you get banned for 2 days. Griefing, Stealing, and ...


MineVille is tagged as Anarchy server. MineVille Network - 1.16 We are a leading Minecraft experience. MineVille is a community based network that values player feedback. We have the following gamemodes! Skyblock Survival Prison Minigames Anarchy

30Roleplay HubRoleplay Hub

Roleplay Hub is tagged as Anarchy server. Looking for a roleplaying community that caters to both veteran roleplayers and new roleplayers? Then Roleplay Hub is the server for you! We have two main roleplays with one centering around a secondary sc...

32Volatik NetworkVolatik Network

Volatik Network is tagged as Anarchy server. Cansado de jugar survivals aburridos? Somos tu salvacin! IP: volatik.net (1.8 a 1.17) Tienda: https://tienda.volatik.net

45ChampiCraft NetworkChampiCraft Network

ChampiCraft Network is tagged as Anarchy server. ChampiCraft Network Siempre, Te Tendr Actualizado en Versiones de Minecraft, Staff Activo Casi la Mayora del Tiempo, Comunidad Limpia, Sin Lag y Con Ganas de Superacin.


10b10t is tagged as Anarchy server. 10builders10tools is a minecraft server that promises its players semi-vanilla survival gameplay with PVP, a never ending world and no rules. There is some exceptions for example, effecting the server's perf...


VanillaPlus is tagged as Anarchy server. NO LAND CLAIMING | NO GRIEF PREVENTION | NO KEEP INVENTORY | PVP ENABLED | RAIDS We have a protected spawn that you can teleport to to make trades, meet up with people or drop down below and pvp. You also h...


Minelife is tagged as Anarchy server. Server IP: play.minelife.eu At the moment we offer the following: Semi-Vanilla with option to claim. Survival with ranks, kits and more. Skyblock Normal Prison (be an inmate and do your time) KitPvP SoupPvP (A...

76Rottercraft NetworkRottercraft Network

Rottercraft Network is tagged as Anarchy server. Servidor Dedicado Hispano Americano con una gran variedad de minijuegos con jugadores 100% amigables y con un excelente equipo de staff a servicio de ustedes.

109Madmens SMPMadmens SMP

Madmens SMP is tagged as Anarchy server. The Madmen's SMP is a anarchy survival server that gets very popular at times and would love your help to make us grow! It is anarchy but there is no cheating. Come join us for some awesome fun!

1248b1t Anarchy8b1t Anarchy

8b1t Anarchy is tagged as Anarchy server. AnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAnarchyAn...

125MC LibertyMC Liberty

MC Liberty is tagged as Anarchy server. A new (Started 2.22.20) Anarchy server project hosted in North America. Simply put, there are no rules, no bans. (With one caveat, lag machines/exploits that cause the server to crash will be destroyed) Anyt...


simpcraft is tagged as Anarchy server. An anarchy server with a non-toxic atmosphere. Join the community. This server is run by a professional team and receives updates when the community requests them but other than that it is mostly vanilla.


Determinacy is tagged as Anarchy server. Determinacy.net is a server that focuses on having a server with no rules while being on vanilla. The server went live and was created on June 3, 2020 and isn't based around getting a insane amount of p...

168Falcon AnarchyFalcon Anarchy

Falcon Anarchy is tagged as Anarchy server. ANARCHY 1.17.1 Also op stuff in a hiden chest around spawn I am a hands on owner I like to get invovled ONLY 2 RULES 1.Be Respectful 2.HAVE FUNNN


BlaBox is tagged as Anarchy server. BlaBox Is An Epic Server! Please Join And Give It A Try! With Tons Of Cool Custom Plugins And An Active Playerbase It Is The Best Server For You!


carpicraft is tagged as Anarchy server. Servidor full survival para vos que tenes muchisimas ganas de ganarle a los otros desde la 1.8 a 1.17 estamos activos 24/7 invita a tus amigos y recibe recompensas in editas todos los dias!! Que esperas! Te ...

227Apotheosis MCApotheosis MC

Apotheosis MC is tagged as Anarchy server. This is a pure anarchy server inspired by 2b2t. There are NO RULES to hold you back from doing whatever you want. You can build, destroy and everything in between. Here, your imagination and freedom are c...


UMBCraft is tagged as Anarchy server. A server dedicated to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County All are welcome to join and enjoy several gamemodes! Towny / SMP Random item Skyblock Anarchy Kit PvP Factions and more coming soon!


PrimordialMC is tagged as Anarchy server. - NEW SERVER WITH CONSTANT UPDATES - - Factions/MMO Style server - - Custom Enchants - - Custom Mobs/Bosses - - Custom Items - - Events -

271Proyecto BananoProyecto Banano

Proyecto Banano is tagged as Anarchy server. Servidor survival modificado VANILLA! Cansado de que el survival sea siempre lo mismo? Entra a jugar con nosotros y cambia t perspectiva del juego! (1.17.1 a ms) IP: mc.proyectobanano.com +100 biomas NU...

286Aurora Anarchy - Cross...Aurora Anarchy - Crossplay Anarchy

Aurora Anarchy - Crossplay Anarchy is tagged as Anarchy server. Aurora Anarchy is an active 1.16 Java and Bedrock Anarchy Server. We Provide a Geyser Crossplay Anarchy Server that brings the best of Anarchy to Bedrock and Java. Aurora Anarchy is a...

302Cieurnabradd ServerCieurnabradd Server

Cieurnabradd Server is tagged as Anarchy server. We are a server which is hard mode survival, griefing is allowed and there is no rules apart from no hacking. Owned by the Cieurnabradd Empire.


Maplehill is tagged as Anarchy server. Maplehill is a Survival Server which you can make friends there but mostly have fun! This is NOT an Anarchy Server but a Friendly Survival Server! Small Rules: - No Swearing in chat - Do NOT send links in cha...


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You've come to the right place, here are some of the most popular Anarchy Minecraft Servers. Anarchy servers on this list are continuously checked so you can always see which server is online and ready to be joined. Voting also plays an important role when it comes to Anarchy servers, after you join new Minecraft Anarchy server you would generally stat with nothing, but if you support the server by casting your vote you can claim in-game rewards (after the voting).