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Small Vanilla PVP Factions Server. Not many rules other than be respectful and don't Cheat. This is a Paper.io server with the following plugins applied: -MCMMO -Minigames -Factions -Economy -Bukkit


Our small New Zealand based server has always been popular with friends and family. We used to run a Bukkit server but from now on we will simply run Minecraft vanilla. If you are a nice person you are welcome to join us.


Come check out any of our servers! They all work on a Grey-list feature, meaning you can log into the servers, move around, test the latency, and check out spawn, all without being white-listed. Once you are registered and promoted to member on our site, you can build, claim land, and use the num...

881Cake Kraft

Welcome to Cake Kraft. This is a Bukkit [1.9] server. [PvP] [Survival] [Parkour]. Very active server. Minecraft server is 24/7. It will stay up almost all the time unless maintenance is in progress.


Welcome to the lower level! Unlike most servers, the lower level is completely underground! Large tunnels connect towns and structures. This server runs a 1.4.5 craftBukkit with many plugins including factions. We hope you like it! Come try it out!

1039Das Haifischbecken - F...

Haifischbecken!? Wir sind das Haifischbecken, eine Gemeinschaft, die seit Ende 2011 besteht. Aus vielen Kontakten unserer Mitglieder entstanden echte Freundschaften. Wir hoffen, dass auch Du bei uns neue Bekanntschaften machst. Im Gegensatz zu anderen Servern, wirst du unser Team regelmig im Spie...


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