Minecraft Servers from Netherlands

Embark on an incredible Minecraft adventure within Netherlands's finest servers. Whether you crave intense PvP battles, cooperative gameplay, or limitless creative opportunities, these servers, rooted in Netherlands, guarantee an immersive and reliable gaming experience within your region.

Delve into a vast array of game modes and communities, including survival, factions, minigames, roleplaying, and so much more. With their operational hub situated in Netherlands, these servers provide seamless gameplay and low-latency connections for players in the region.

Best Minecraft Servers from Netherlands

Rank Name Server Players Status

HetGames Minecraft server is a Minecraft server that offers various game modes for players to enjoy. The server provides a range of different gameplay experiences to cater to different player preferences.The server offers the following game modes:Skyblock: In this game mode, players start on a fl...


GeoCraft is a Minecraft server that offers a unique experience by recreating real-life locations in the Netherlands within the game. Players can explore and interact with virtual versions of cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht, as well as other places across the country.The server aims ...


SquareCraft Minecraft server is an established Minecraft server that had taken a break at the end of 2019 but is now making a comeback with a renewed focus. The server aims to provide a unique and special experience for its players.One of the main features of SquareCraft is its roleplay aspect se...


HauntedMC is a popular Dutch Minecraft server that offers an exciting and diverse range of game modes. Although primarily targeted towards Dutch players, English-speaking players are also welcomed and encouraged to join in on the fun.With over 750,000 unique players having already joined, Haunted...


MyCrazyMC is a Minecraft server that offers a unique twist to the traditional survival gameplay by incorporating a money system. In this server, players can engage in normal survival activities such as gathering resources, building, and exploring, but now they have the opportunity to earn and spe...

210Fables and Fantasy RP

Fables and Fantasy RP is a Minecraft server that offers an immersive and engaging roleplaying experience set in a medieval fantasy universe known as Eden. This server provides players with the opportunity to delve into a world filled with endless possibilities and create their own unique stories ...


EasternMC is a recently launched Minecraft server that is hosted on the Minehut server network. As a brand new server, it is in its early stages of development and may still be expanding its features and content.The server primarily focuses on providing a survival gameplay experience. Players can...


FyreBlox is an exciting Minecraft server that offers a range of engaging features and game modes. Whether you're a fan of intense PvP battles, creative building, or immersive challenges, FyreBlox has something for you.One of the prominent game modes on FyreBlox is BedWars, where players compete i...


KipNetwork is one of the friendliest Minecraft servers in the Netherlands. Whether you're looking for a place to unleash your creativity or engage in intense PvP battles, KipNetwork has got you covered. The server strives to provide the best gaming experience with exciting updates and a dedicated...

517Just Minecraft

Just Minecraft is a Minecraft server network that offers a relaxed and creative environment for players to enjoy. The server aims to provide a space where players can freely build without being bothered or interrupted, allowing them to focus on their creations and enjoy their gameplay experience....


1MoreBlock.com is a well-established Minecraft server that has been around for a decade. It prides itself on being a family-friendly community where players from various countries can come together and enjoy the game. The server promotes fair play, discourages griefing, and strictly prohibits che...

531A_hum MC

"A_hum MC" is a Minecraft server that operates as a whitelist survival server. This means that only individuals who are part of the A'hum community are allowed to join and play on the server. The purpose of the server is to provide a dedicated space for members of the A'hum community to connect a...

539WP Funland

WP Funland is a Minecraft server that offers a thrilling and entertaining amusement park experience. The server is dedicated to providing players with a wide range of attractions and rides, including roller coasters, haunted houses, boats, and much more. It is designed to be a fun and enjoyable e...

563mucosmos.nl Kookskolen

The mucosmos.nl Kookskolen Minecraft server offers a variety of gameplay features and modes centered around the concept of building and interacting with blocks. It provides a Minecraft experience akin to playing with Lego bricks, allowing players to pick up blocks and move them to different locat...


The MemeTeam Minecraft server is a fun and engaging survival server with a focus on creating a positive and friendly community. Upon joining the server, players will be welcomed by the MemeTeam and encouraged to explore and enjoy their time on the server.The server offers a survival gameplay expe...


Uncover unique gameplay features, custom plugins, and diligent server moderators who ensure fairness and an enjoyable atmosphere for all. Engage with fellow players, foster new friendships, and participate in thrilling events and competitions. Whether you're a seasoned Minecraft veteran or a newcomer, these servers offer a captivating environment to unleash your Minecraft adventures.

Elevate your Minecraft journey by discovering the pinnacle of gaming hosted in Netherlands's exceptional servers. Join the thriving community, immerse yourself in unparalleled gameplay, and create lasting memories with fellow players. Embark on your exploration today and embrace the limitless possibilities awaiting you in the realm of Netherlands-based Minecraft servers.