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Explore the best Minecraft servers hosted in New Zealand, all servers on this page are hosted in New Zealand.

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408Quarantine Craft

Welcome to Quarantine Craft @splatage.com! In September 2014 a family built a private server to safely play online with friends. It is now open to the public for you to enjoy. If you are looking for a clean safe server this is the one. It is built with families in mind. - Each world runs on dedic...


Our small New Zealand based server has always been popular with friends and family. We used to run a Bukkit server but from now on we will simply run Minecraft vanilla. If you are a nice person you are welcome to join us.


IP: mc.gabbage.net Website: https://gabbage.net/ Gabbage is pretty much the same as that nostalgic server everyone used to play on when they first started (at least that's the goal). Nothing too fancy, just some basic plugins to make everything a bit smoother. The goal of the server is just t...

725MineCraft Vanilla - Ga...

A survival server, Hosted in NZ (but good speeds to Australia and other countries), Vanilla Minecraft server, active players, good connection. Come and build with us. gamersgeek.nz | Forums === The Rules === No griefing No looting No PvP, you may duel if the other play consents. Clean language (t...