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JaguarPVP is tagged as Fun server. Welcome to JaguarPVP A new Player VS Player Experience We are carefully considering everything about our server for our Jaguar 1.0 Release. There are many practice games, finalgames and fun games like Anarchy. Ou...

11LazyCarrot NetworkLazyCarrot Network

LazyCarrot Network is tagged as Fun server. LazyCarrot is a Minecraft server for all the people who cannot play Hypixel or any of the other premium Minecraft servers. Our server is set to offline mode, meaning both, premium and non-premium players...

12Pcampus NetworkPcampus Network

Pcampus Network is tagged as Fun server. Minecraft Server 1.18 Server Network: + Minecraft Vanilla 1.18 + Minecraft Pixelmon + Minecraft Survival 1.16.5 Slimefun/mcMMO Slimefun Quest mcMMO + Skyblock + Creative + Prison RolePlay


PlanetMC1 is tagged as Fun server. Come play PlanetMC1 we have survival, pvp, skyblock, and events! winning an event will not only get you a reward but you will get a custom rank! so come join us hade have fun!


LegendPvP is tagged as Fun server. LegendPvP Factions/PvP LegendPvP is a fun factions/PvP server! We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique! Our plugins include: McMMO: McMMO is a simple plugin with...


MekaPack is tagged as Fun server. This server is in early access but please join and have fun with friends! Enjoy Team, McMMO and more!


CalamityAR is tagged as Fun server. CalamityAR is a new start-up server that is dedicated on bringing all players a new MineCraft RPG with tons of fun modes to come in the future like PVP and PickAxe Grind mode. We are also playing on adding a new...


Mineteria is tagged as Fun server. Mineteria is a fun roleplay server that offers players the ability to engage with their friends in a tightly knit community.


BigBeb is tagged as Fun server. A fun survival server for everyone! Everybody who joins gets a free cookie. Advanced plug-ins add the safety and protection of our players. A welcoming community for all players who want to join.


TigibiesS is tagged as Fun server. Join Our Server for unlimited fun and help us and the whole community.Play Survival and as the server keeps updating enjoy new features of the server time to time.Help us make a good server


BobcatsSMP is tagged as Fun server. This is a new sever and will have some bugs in it. When you do run into a bug please do /report bug. This sever is a Vanilla, PVP, SMP, and a Survival server/world. Enjoy the server and have fun! Server IP: Bobc...

67Ruins Kit PvpRuins Kit Pvp

Ruins Kit Pvp is tagged as Fun server. A ancient Ruins style KitPvp for fun fighting and cool ranks and kits! Kill People to get money and use that money to purchase enchantments, ranks, and kits! Looking for new players to Pvp!

92Vanilla EuropaVanilla Europa

Vanilla Europa is tagged as Fun server. Semi-Vanilla Vanilla Europa's main objective with Semi-Vanilla is to provide Minecraft players with a multiplayer experience as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible, while carrying out anti grief measu...

130Anonymous ServerAnonymous Server

Anonymous Server is tagged as Fun server. Server langage: Traditional Chinese. You can FLY in server. Simple rule: Not steal, Not destroy Please visit : to read more rule. Have fun!

139Funcraft MCFuncraft MC

Funcraft MC is tagged as Fun server. Friendly Server, Have Fun! Owner: AitherNight Admins: l1amaShade12, gamerGuntars, wudzii. -------------------


Maplehill is tagged as Fun server. Maplehill is a Survival Server which you can make friends there but mostly have fun! This is NOT an Anarchy Server but a Friendly Survival Server! Small Rules: - No Swearing in chat - Do NOT send links in chat. -...


Flapper is tagged as Fun server. A fun survival server ( Right now it is, due to it's release, but we are getting the plugins ready!! ) Play now at the IP, and we are looking for staff and players as well!


DualShockSMP is tagged as Fun server. Welcome to DualShockSMP A Roleplay SMP server to have fun, create nations, start wars etc! To be Whitelisted into our smp, Join our Discord and follow instructions!


SkyClash is tagged as Fun server. SkyClash is a new skyblock server aimed at providing simple and fun gameplay for all players. We focus on consistent updates while making sure they are easy to use and enjoy. Store: Website: htt...


ArcanePVP is tagged as Fun server. arcane Pvp is a dedicated server that is up and coming, Welcoming all players to come and enjoy the fun, the server is an Old school factions server with no pay to win We are currently looking for more staff and ...


WestWorldMC is tagged as Fun server. Hi Welcome to West World! People love our server because I stress community so much; we are naturally kind to one another. Land doesn't, I repeat, DOES NOT get griefed! Every player may protect their land f...


GoldenLeaf is tagged as Fun server. GoldenLeaf is a friendly 1.18.2 Survival/Towny and Creative Network with an energetic community. Built on transparency and hard work, we strive to bring a fair and fun opportunity to all players. The server is 1...


Eclipse is tagged as Fun server. PVP, Economy, and Survival. Favored plugins: McMMO, SignShops, Claim Protection (Golden Shovel), Diseases, Discord, Guns and many more! Be sure to join our discord! Link is on the server by doing /discord! Do enjoy...

179Mythic Miner RPGMythic Miner RPG

Mythic Miner RPG is tagged as Fun server. Server Address Welcome to Mythic Miner! Our world has unlimited possibilities and endless fun for all types of gamers. Players can upgrade their skills using the MCMMO stats, Earn $ thr...


Imperium is tagged as Fun server. Welcome to Imperium, a world-building server built around geopolitics, creating history between towns formed by other players, and a small amount of roleplay. Players can create towns and claim land, declare war, ...


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