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Welcome to: BUDDERCRAFT A place where you can relax and just have fun, with the original feeling of Minecraft in tact Were a server dedicated to our player base and not straying away from what makes minecraft, minecraft. None of these super complex modes and mods, that make you feel like youre pl...


Minecraft, as it was meant to be! SimplyMC takes it back a notch. No endlessly confusing plugins, complicated mods or pointless recruitment process here! Just join n' play. The server is run entirely on a trust basis with a very "hands-off" administrative approach. The server is wha...

226Zombie Army Pixelmon

Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged 8.2 Pixelmon Reforged Pixelmon Modpack COMING SOON Pixelmon Reforged Server Features Player Gym Leaders IV TOKENS Extra Starters Daily Vote Rewards Grief Preventon Wondertrade Pokestops Raids Gigantamax Raid dens in the wild


Java native + Bedrock Compatible. Abyss Earth is based upon an exclusive earth map with Modded terrain. The novelty of custom forge terrain has been combined with highly detailed data sources to model all the rivers, oceans, mountains, and ice of Earth into an original Minecraft world. Compared t...

317Manic-craft Vanilla

Manic has the choice for everything and everyone! Even Vanilla minecraft is a popular thing on our server. We just created a new world so the options are yours. You will spawn at a nice and easy village with some basic stuff to help you navigate and survive the first nights! Grief isn't allow...

336CyanDeserts RLCraft 2.8.2

Welcome to CyanDesertsRL a RLcraft serverServer. Our goal is to create a community of players, that love Modded minecraft and care for one another. now for some reason this server list wants the description to be at least 100 characters long


Hello there! Welcome to Mossynet, our semi-vanilla SMP server. We pride ourselves on having an inclusive community, so its very easy to make some great friends. Because of this, we have a sizable player base, but that doesn't stop us for looking for more people to join in on the fun! Come and...

496Mushroom Meadows

We are a Modded cottagecore server that operates via Technic Launcher. We are survival/towny based and have a lovely. active community that is open to new members.

558Pixel Fam

Welcome to the PixelFam Pixelmon Network! Pixelmon Version 8.2 Minecraft Version 1.12.2 IP: Discord: What We have to Offer: Absolutely NO Pay to Win! INCLUDING: -GTS -SAFARI -Economy that is regulated by an economist -Weekly Live Streams! Much Much ...

587Super Fun Time

Super Fun Time is a community of players that enjoy to build, have fun, and occasionally fall in some lava by accident. Our servers (Survival, Creative, Pixelmon, SFTModded and others) are a great place to come around, build and grow with a community of dedicated players! Some highlights of our s...


Here at SnickerzCraft our main objectiveis to have fun, with a wide variety of plugins the server is one step away from being Modded without mods! Custom furniture and maps make SnickerzCraft a unique and amazing server with an awesome community! There's something for everyone here at Snicker...


1.17.1 BungeeCord Hosted in Australia full protection in survival world with world guard and McMMO! Multiworlds which include: Modded Skyblock, Plots, The Dropper.! We are a very family friendly server, we are very strict on no swearing or any 18+ content during the day to make it a safe place to...


This is a Modded 1.9 - 1.16.5 vanilla server for Modded vanilla people. The server features a buy and sell based item economy with the ability to purchase in game custom items and kit upgrades! The server also features a creative test world for players that wish to test out their builds in creati...


VisionCraft is a Minecraft server. It was made by friends connected through global communities. This server is the #1 choice for cracked Modded survival. Join and play VisionCraft now!

920Packets Of Anarchy

POA is a Survial Modded Anarchy Server. Using special plugins, this server has a Modded feel with over 400 new items. Food, Weapons, Vehicles, Wearables and more! These were brought in for the builders of the Anarchy world. However, PVP'rs will also enjoy higher armor and weapons too. Keeping...

964Gearhex MC

A server you will love, with features for all: Gearhex MC is a unique and friendly 24/7 community server network for Minecraft: Java Edition, featuring Survival Adventure with quests, RPG, No Griefing with land-claim, survival, games, and events, mergeable/expandable Creative Plots with WorldEdit...

1030Starshooter City

Starshooter City is a minecraft server with features similar to Modded, however you don't need to download any mods or special clients to join! Just launch minecraft through your preferred launcher with any of your preferred mods, and the resource pack will download itself when you join the s...


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