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If you are looking for a small Minecraft server to play on with your friends, then try out one of the new Minecraft servers below!

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393VanillaMC + MiniGamesVanillaMC + MiniGames

New VanillaMC + MiniGames server was added 1 month ago. VanillaMC is the most simple Minecraft server Network to date. Being cross platform you are able to join from both a computer and phone. We offer the Vanilla Minecraft experience with some fu...


New server was added 3 months ago. minecraft anarchy survival server with no rules, griefing and pvp is allowed. very similar to 2b2t and other related servers and has no queue and with a constant high TPS.

1116Peacful LifePeacful Life

New Peacful Life server was added 3 months ago. In need of people to help me set up the server, please join! A new survival looking for players, staff, etc. We are new and in need of many things! So, please join this new server to grow an audience...


New Vantill server was added 3 months ago. i am new to this thing 1.14.3 so please join i dont really give op that much so please dont hate me thanks

778SettingSuns NationsSettingSuns Nations

New SettingSuns Nations server was added 3 months ago. Welcome to SettingSuns Nations! On this server you will hopefully find what you're looking for! We offer RP Chat, Factions, Wars, and so much more! Our economy fluxuates with how much play...


New MCPrison server was added 3 months ago. MCPrison is the first custom aquatic prison experience set in Minecraft version 1.17. Our server offers many unique features including; Backpacks and Backpack Enchantments, Enchantment Gemstones, Realms/...


New PrxCraft server was added 3 months ago. Welcome to Project X-Craft! We are a fun community server offering Kitpvp, Factions, Prison, Skygrid, and Skyblock, with more to come very soon!

742Official SSS Plebs Sur...Official SSS Plebs Survival Server

New Official SSS Plebs Survival Server server was added 3 months ago. Hello, guys, this is the official SSS Plebs Server, this server requires you to launch Minecraft in 1.14.2, otherwise, you would not be able to join. - Friendly Staff - Friendly...

1270High SkiesHigh Skies

New High Skies server was added 3 months ago. High Skies is unique on its own. It has unique server features for rich and fun game experience. It has many possibilites for trading and coming together as a community. Features: - Skyblock - Unique T...

1425The New LordsThe New Lords

New The New Lords server was added 3 months ago. Brand New Server with a custom map at around 20k by 20k in beautifully generated terrain. Conquer the lands around the map and rise from a meager peasant all the way to King of your new lands. Custo...

1422Norse RPGNorse RPG

New Norse RPG server was added 3 months ago. Norse RPG is a multi game mode Minecraft server. Become a patron at to help keep the server up and to gain access to exclusive perks. This server is compliant with EULA g...


New TekRP server was added 3 months ago. Amplified World of Survival. Enjoy the challenge of survival in an Amplified world that has a few Gamerules applied. This server allows 100 players for now, but will change as I get further in my Network Ad...


New AAsurvival server was added 3 months ago. Anarchist's Adventure 1.14.1 anarchy server, no resets. Server started 2 weeks ago, so you won't have to fear being years behind everyone else!


New AbductionSkyblock server was added 3 months ago. This server is a skyblock server there are still many bugs to be fixed but so far it is playable we are looking for staff that is above the age of 13 we do not want players who cannot talk with ...


New MemeTeam server was added 3 months ago. Fun survival server with claims. We have a lovely community. Welcome to the MemeTeam! You can use /rtp to spawn somewhere random. Use a golden shovel to claim land! Vote to get more money! You may also u...


New CorporationPvP server was added 3 months ago. Factions Server with many server exclusive feature's including custom enchants, flawless cannons, and flawless schematics

1414The AlleyThe Alley

New The Alley server was added 3 months ago. RECENTLY RESET the world!!!!!!!!! RECENTLY RESET the world!!!!!!!!! Friendly fun amongst a bunch of friends. Ease of life survival/factions on 1.13.2 LOTS of plugins and modifications Economy, Jobs, Pur...


New GamerMine server was added 3 months ago. WE HAVE NO WIPES! CHEAP DONATE AND FREE CASES AT REGISTRATION! Cool lucky blocks and a very difficult mob-arena! Music on spawn /music! Marriages /marry! UNIQUE PARKOURES - try to go through them the fa...


New Verpy server was added 3 months ago. Welcome to Nordic Empire Gaming! A restarted community by a new owner/ex-admin Quigybobo - March 3, 2019 What we offer: Friendly staff team, Time based rank, Discord integration chat, Minimal banned items, ...

237Conexoes SurvivalConexoes Survival

New Conexoes Survival server was added 3 months ago. Conexes Server Brasil Servidor survival brasileiro, na verso 1.13.2 Voltado para economia e sobrevivncia, nossos jogadores vem crescendo cada vez mais! Venha conhecer o nosso servidor agora! Ent...

1134DesCraft NetworkDesCraft Network

New DesCraft Network server was added 3 months ago. Survival PvP (Faccion): cuenta con economa por jobs y puntos por PvP, Shop PvP, Caones, mobs nuevos para las cuevas. Servidor PvE (Parcelas): mundo Parcelas, con shop, casino, loteria. Mundo Recu...

1094Mystical ReignMystical Reign

New Mystical Reign server was added 3 months ago. ModPack is required to Join - Mystical Reign is a custom pack about having an adventure with friends or solo, as you explore the world y...

655Nexly NetworkNexly Network

New Nexly Network server was added 3 months ago. Nexly is a network that is home to remasters of many classic game modes. We focus on creating a top quality experience for our players with fun in mind. We offer: - Super Smash Blocks - The Walls IP...

125Builders RefugeBuilders Refuge

New Builders Refuge server was added 3 months ago. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam facilisis nisi sit amet erat egestas, non mollis nisi dignissim. Donec gravida erat mattis lacus condimentum, et auctor augue porttitor...

371Team-NeOs Survvial Wit...Team-NeOs Survvial With A Twist Server

New Team-NeOs Survvial With A Twist Server server was added 3 months ago. Welcome to Team NeO. We offer everything you could possibly need from a minecraft server and more! Most of our plugins are custom made to keep things unqiue! We welcome you ...