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Rank Name Server Players Status
29Advancius Network

Server IP: MC.ADVANCIUS.NET Discord: Trailer: Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Sick of unfriendly communities and unhelpful staff? Check out the exciting and friendly community of Advancius Network! Our goal i...

41LifeSteal SMP

Welcome to the public LifeSteal SMP! We are a simple server based on semi-vanilla with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players! If you kill someone, you receive their heart and the person you killed loses a heart, which will result in the killer having a maximum of 11 ...


NO LAND CLAIMING | NO GRIEF PREVENTION | NO KEEP INVENTORY | PVP ENABLED | RAIDS We have a protected spawn that you can teleport to to make trades, meet up with people or drop down below and pvp. You also have the ability to set homes and tpa so that you can easily get around without having to tr...

92Ftb Unleashed Mobwaves

New FTB Unleashed 1.1.7 Server so pop in and find chests of ores, what will you build or raid tonight ? Regular players building and some defending the Arena....


IP: MOOHUB.NET Join for professionally run servers with active staff! Having opened in January 2013, Moocraft owns multiple dedicated servers which host 2 different servers, all with no lag. SEMI-ANARCHY/SURVIVAL: [1.17.1 with added support back to 1.8] - - - Raiding - - - GRIEFING - -...


Welcome to SlimeFunV6 this is a lifesteal and slimefun server come and join! Adding McMMo soon! Sponser


30Timers. Get radom items every 30 Seconds. Get ranks at our store Active staff. Our discord

105RLCraft - Circle of Mercy

Three RLCraft Servers in one! You can select a Server to your own liking! - PvE with KeepInvntory and Landclaim - PvP without KeepInventory and with Landclaim - PvP in pure Anarchy Style, no Claims, no Economy, only basic Commands. Your choice!


Finmine 24/7- 1.15.2 server! A small yet friendly server, dedicated to bringing you a good experience! With a small but dedicated staff team, and a refreshing community! Our server includes the following for you: - Grief protection/Anti-cheating plugins - An economy and many shops, including an A...

108TeamX Net

TeamX Network A project with more than a year of development will continue growing to give you the best experience!! Join now! For more detailed info go here:


Play Ultimate Hard Core Minecraft with your friends, online friends, or random users! To make this Ultimate Hard Core, more ultimate, we added a twist. You can uses amazing kits to help you in PvP!

122Aurora Anarchy - Cross...

Aurora Anarchy is an active 1.16 Java and Bedrock Anarchy Server. We Provide a Geyser Crossplay Anarchy Server that brings the best of Anarchy to Bedrock and Java. Aurora Anarchy is a lag free, 1.16 Anarchy Server that can provide a 2b2t MCPE experience, while providing a great anarchy experience...

142Cieurnabradd Server

We are a server which is hard mode survival, griefing is allowed and there is no rules apart from no hacking. Owned by the Cieurnabradd Empire.

145CoreCrafted Network

Welcome to the CoreCrafted Network, where a group of dreamers come together to so something amazing Currently launched servers: - Skyblock (Beta) - Faction (Alpha testing) WIP Servers: - Survival Expert Mode (SEM) - Prison server


Welcome to our Avatar Bending Server! NO pay to win features! Bend every element for free! 24/7 dedicated servers. Fresh map! Last wipe: 4/19/22 You don't need any mods, just a vanilla 1.18.2 client! No hacks allowed. Join a town, hop in the arena, or go raid in the wild! Master all the eleme...

151Megido Abyss

Megido: Abyss is a nonlinear, soulslike adventure RPG server Enjoy challenging, high-stakes stamina based combat in a nonlinear metroidvania styled interconnected world. Challenge merciless enemies, hostile environments, and deadly bosses. Engage in cooperative play with up to 2 other players, or...

169Frost-MC Network

Frost-MC would like to invite you back onto our ever improving Network to try out some of our new games! Along with the new and improved Factions, Skyblock and Arcade which includes games like Spleef, Tnt-Tag, Mob-Arena and so much more! We even have the Museum of the old Frost-MC for nostalgic s...


Semi-vanilla survival server running on powerful, dedicated hardware with excellent bandwidth! Chill and growing community. Hard game mode - survival (no back). Raiding PVP friendly. Never pay to win. No claims, no hacks, no griefing. No xray glitches, No lag machines or intentional lagging, an...


GunPVPMC is a Minecraft server based around custom skripted guns. PVP players or fight NPCs to increase your reputation and get coins. Use the coins to buy weapons and fight more players. Create gangs to work together and take control over the city!


Living in an apocalyptic world, where item drops are random due to radioactive decay, you a fallout survivor must obtain as many as you can to fill your Inventora to stock up for the unknown days to come -

200Dungeon Sweep

Here at Dungeon Sweep we deliver a unique 1.16.5 RPG experience. Start you adventure with a party of 6 or less friends! Experience our dungeons and quests in Dungeon Sweeps's custom built map! We are a new server and still adding new content. You can leave your footprint with us! All you need...


A friendly Factions PvP server with a great community and amazing staff. We have all of the most important plugins and we welcome anyone to join our community. We are extremely happy with this server and all of our players enjoy the gameplay, community, and other players. Come join us now!


MCDrugs is a drug server where you grow and sell drugs while avoiding the police that try to get your stash to sell it for themselves. We have factions, guns, bounties and obsidian breaker.

237G-Dem SMP

Join the G-Dem Smp, we a small nice community on a none resetting semi-vanilla server. Want to make farms and sell in an economy then the shopping district if for you! Prefer walking more dangerously then team up with friends, become aggressive and raid all the other aggressive peoples bases!


Survival Server. Exclusive Content. We are a small survival server trying to stand out from the rest. We provide the best survival experience in minecraft and release new content every week.


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