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Oceania MC is a geopolitical earth server! We use a 1:500 scale earth map, with custom biomes and features! You can build a town, or even a nation, and conquer real-world locations! Want to become dictator of New York, or president of London? Unite in server spanning empires, and wage war!The server runs many highly customized plugins, and features many custom recipes! Bundles and sculk sensors are both obtainable, using just 1.18!You can join with 1.18, 1.18.1, or 1.18.2, and all non-cheat clients are allowed.Check out the dynmap! http://oceania.gamename.net:8069------------------------------------RulesNo hack or cheat clients. This is not an anarchy server, and we run a robust anticheat. Hackers will be banned.Don't harass people, discriminate, or use slurs. Be remotely decent people to each other. Breaking this rule can resort in anything between a temp mute and a ban.Don't exploit any dupes, glitches, or loopholes. This isn't to say there are any, but things happen.Don't spam chat, you will be temp muted for this.No tp killing. For some players, there is a /tpa command. Any who tp kill will have their tp command revoked, and the victim compensated for their losses. Report tp killing!Don't exchange in-game items for real world money. No string claiming a town.Don't claimblock a town for longer than one week. If you want to ruin a town, siege them directly.------------------------------------Want a little bit more? Get premium! It's not p2w, and premium is mostly a way to support the server. Premium players get access to the following commands:/tpa/tpahere/hat/nickname/enderchest/workbench+1 extra sethomeColored name in chatPriority queue/nationcolor (for nation leaders)As you can see, premium is not p2w. The tp cooldown is quite long, and normal players still have access to tp to normal town spawns via /t spawn.Join us on discord!https://discord.com/invite/EGFwUzfKAu

Where can I find server IP address for Oceania?

The IP address for Oceania is oceania.gamename.net, you can copy server address, find Discord server, website and more in the server info section (top left corner).

How to play Oceania Minecraft server?

Just open your Launcher and click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Now click "Add Server" button, paste in the text oceania.gamename.net in "Server Address" input and hit "Done".

Then once server connection will turn green, you can click on "Join Server" to join and play on Oceania server.

There are 7 players playing Oceania at the moment.

Minecraft Version supported on Oceania server?

Oceania supports version 1.18.2, you can also try to join with different version but 1.18.2 is recommended Minecraft client version.

In which country is Oceania?

The Oceania is hosted in United States, Oceania was last checked 11 minutes ago and has fast connection.

What GameModes can I play on Oceania

On Oceania Minecraft server you can play Economy, Survival, Towny, Anarchy GameModes.