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Cartman2000s Minecraft Server
Players0 / 30
Checked22 minutes ago
CountryUnited States

Cartman2000s Minecraft Server

Multiple worlds, Main world is a 1.10 world, the guest world is a 1.7 world. The server has been running since december of 2010.

Nice and friendly admins. The server also has griefer protection plugins, Prism, GriefPrevention, and player buildrights(whitelist)

The server uses a form of whitelist in that you will have to ask for build rights to be able to modify stuff on the server. You can either ask an admin on the server if they are on or request that you be given rights on the server's forum: http://bit.ly/1bwNN89

The world renders are here: http://bit.ly/1lBaKNp

Server Rules:
Respect the mods and admins on the server.
No harassing other players on the server.
No Griefing/Stealing items
Get permission before modifying someone else stuff.
No hacks like fly, speed hacks or Ore findingx-ray hacks.
Try to keep the chat clean while on the server, no racism please.

Where can I find server IP address for Cartman2000s Minecraft Server?

The IP address for Cartman2000s Minecraft Server is mcserver.cartman-2000.net, you can copy server address, find Discord server, website and more in the server info section (top left corner).

How to play Cartman2000s Minecraft Server Minecraft server?

Just open your Launcher and click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Now click "Add Server" button, paste in the text mcserver.cartman-2000.net in "Server Address" input and hit "Done".

Then once server connection will turn green, you can click on "Join Server" to join and play on Cartman2000s Minecraft Server server.

There are 0 players playing Cartman2000s Minecraft Server at the moment.

Minecraft Version supported on Cartman2000s Minecraft Server server?

Cartman2000s Minecraft Server supports version 1.10.2, you can also try to join with different version but 1.10.2 is recommended Minecraft client version.

In which country is Cartman2000s Minecraft Server?

The Cartman2000s Minecraft Server is hosted in United States, Cartman2000s Minecraft Server was last checked 22 minutes ago and has fast connection.

What GameModes can I play on Cartman2000s Minecraft Server

On Cartman2000s Minecraft Server Minecraft server you can play Economy, PvE, Survival, Whitelist GameModes.