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Lifelore is a hardcore-ish Minecraft server made on aternos.org. Each player has three lives and will be banned on last death for 14 days. The world border is set to 5120 blocks, and while there is a Nether there is no End. During uptime players may be recorded on progress and deaths, as the players of this server are the stars of these videos.

Players can claim land and build ungriefable bases, but PvP is always on, and creepers can still damage buildings. More claim blocks can be accumulated the longer the player is on the server, 128 per hour, up to 16k+ blocks. All claims expire with 14 days of inactivity, so expired claims will be raided and looted, or even just claimed by another. If coming back from revival after death ban, one's claim might have to be reclaimed, defended, or start a new, depending on the wills of the game and the players in trust. The difficulty is set to hard... the goal is primarily to stay alive and evolve your story in Lifelore.

Where can I find server IP address for Lifelore?

The IP address for Lifelore is lifelore.aternos.me:50113, you can copy server address, find Discord server, website and more in the server info section (top left corner).

How to play Lifelore Minecraft server?

Just open your Launcher and click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Now click "Add Server" button, paste in the text lifelore.aternos.me:50113 in "Server Address" input and hit "Done".

Then once server connection will turn green, you can click on "Join Server" to join and play on Lifelore server.

There are 0 players playing Lifelore at the moment.

Minecraft Version supported on Lifelore server?

Lifelore supports version 1.18.1, you can also try to join with different version but 1.18.1 is recommended Minecraft client version.

In which country is Lifelore?

The Lifelore is hosted in United States, Lifelore was last checked 19 minutes ago and has fast connection.

What GameModes can I play on Lifelore

On Lifelore Minecraft server you can play Hardcore, PvP, Survival, Vanilla GameModes.