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CountryUnited States


Do any of you miss the old days of Pixelmon? No spawning in with everything handed to you on a silver platter. Do you miss the real grind of Pixelmon... I certainly do. I have been searching for a server that is a complete vanilla feel, I have yet to find one...

I bring to you, PokeVanilla. A hardcore vanilla-styled pixelmon server with a no pay to win aspect. There is no buying keys, no freebies, no unlocking legendaries or special perks. A simple friendly community where we all share a common interest; the love and grind for pixelmon. If you are interested in being a part of this community, join the discord that is linked below. We will be taking all suggestions from our community prior to opening! I hope to meet some of you in the near future.

Again, this a complete vanilla feel. You spawn in with nothing but your level 5 starter pokemon and a golden shovel to claim your beloved home. No shops, no P2W kits, no tpa, no P2W crates. Only 1 sethome.

Feel free to comment or share this post with your friends, we are trying to build an amazing and friendly community.

Join our community discord! https://discord.gg/ADh6DUnGqf

Where can I find server IP address for PokeVanilla?

The IP address for PokeVanilla is play.pokevanilla.com, you can copy server address, find Discord server, website and more in the server info section (top left corner).

How to play PokeVanilla Minecraft server?

Just open your Launcher and click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Now click "Add Server" button, paste in the text play.pokevanilla.com in "Server Address" input and hit "Done".

Then once server connection will turn green, you can click on "Join Server" to join and play on PokeVanilla server.

There are 6 players playing PokeVanilla at the moment.

Minecraft Version supported on PokeVanilla server?

PokeVanilla supports version 1.12.2, you can also try to join with different version but 1.12.2 is recommended Minecraft client version.

In which country is PokeVanilla?

The PokeVanilla is hosted in United States, PokeVanilla was last checked 19 minutes ago and has fast connection.

What GameModes can I play on PokeVanilla

On PokeVanilla Minecraft server you can play Pixelmon, Pokemon, Hardcore, Vanilla GameModes.