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I represent a fantastic, excelling community. We have been public since November 2013, and we are holding strong! ShadowXCraft is a fun, appealing network, featuring:

A popular 1.7.2-1.8.8 mildly-competitive KITPVP (with a HUGE variety of unique gametypes: BuildUHC, ComboUHC, Soup, Potion, OverPowered, Parkour and Basic!). Two professionally built Free for All arenas, parties, killstreaks and our very own cosmetic plugin are also featured!
A CREATIVE server, supporting 1.7.2-1.10.2 versions! Build and create all your inspirations and ideas, with no absolute limit holding you back!
A popular FACTIONS server, supporting 1.8.9-1.10.2 versions! A new version of Factions is being developed, and will be 1.7.2-1.10.2 compatible! Everything will be completely revamped, to everyone's liking! A lot of the new features will also be ShadowXCraft-unique!
A peaceful 1.7.2-1.10.2 SURVIVAL server, where you have large, separate plots, all to yourself! Play with other people, and renew your vanilla playstyle!
An engaging PRISON server, supporting 1.8.9-1.10.2! It will soon be redone, just like Factions, and it will bring a whole lot of new features and gameplay!
A fun, interactive MINIGAMES server, where you can enjoy our Minigames, such as BlockHunt, Turfwars, and our custom-coded Mineopoly and Battlezones!
A competitive UHC server, where you can battle to your heart's content! Health does not naturally regenerate, so you have to rely on golden apples and healing potions to regenerate lost health! There is also a private, HostedUHC server for those who are sponsoring and advertising the server!

Additionally, we have an amazing small community, who will get to know you and help whenever they can! Our staff team also monitor the network, so troublemakers are kept in line! This is a US based network!
Website: https://www.shadowxcraft.net/

Where can I find server IP address for ShadowXCraft?

The IP address for ShadowXCraft is shadowxcraft.net, you can copy server address, find Discord server, website and more in the server info section (top left corner).

How to play ShadowXCraft Minecraft server?

Just open your Launcher and click the "Play" button then select "Multiplayer" option from the menu.

Now click "Add Server" button, paste in the text shadowxcraft.net in "Server Address" input and hit "Done".

Then once server connection will turn green, you can click on "Join Server" to join and play on ShadowXCraft server.

Minecraft Version supported on ShadowXCraft server?

ShadowXCraft supports version 1.18, you can also try to join with different version but 1.18 is recommended Minecraft client version.

In which country is ShadowXCraft?

The ShadowXCraft is hosted in United States, ShadowXCraft was last checked 14 minutes ago and has fast connection.

What GameModes can I play on ShadowXCraft

On ShadowXCraft Minecraft server you can play Creative, Factions, Minigames, Prison, PvP, Survival, KitPvP, Parkour, Vanilla, UHC GameModes.