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Vanilla-Minecraft is a Minecraft server that aims to provide a pure and authentic survival experience similar to the original game created by Notch. The server has been active since 2013 and offers a survival mode with a "Hard" difficulty setting.

The emphasis of Vanilla-Minecraft is on recreating the core survival gameplay that was originally designed by the game's creator. This means that the server strives to maintain the original mechanics and features of Minecraft without the use of excessive plugins or modifications. However, the server does implement certain measures to protect players from griefing and theft, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

The community of Vanilla-Minecraft is known for being close-knit, fostering a spirit of cooperation, assistance, and positivity. Players are encouraged to help one another and maintain a friendly atmosphere within the server.

For more information and to stay updated, players are invited to visit the server's website and forum. The website likely provides details about the current version of the server and may offer additional resources and information. The server may also have a presence on social media platforms, as indicated by the link provided (https://linktr.ee/Vanilla_Minecraft), allowing players to follow their updates and announcements.

Overall, Vanilla-Minecraft offers players the opportunity to experience a pure and challenging survival mode, reminiscent of the early days of Minecraft. With a focus on community, cooperation, and the original gameplay, the server provides a nostalgic and engaging environment for players to enjoy.

Vanilla-Minecraft Statistics

Where can I find the IP address for the Vanilla-Minecraft Minecraft server?

To find the IP address for the Vanilla-Minecraft server, you can locate it in the server info section (top left corner) where you can copy the server address. Additionally, you may find the Discord server, website, and other details there.

How do I join and play on the Vanilla-Minecraft Minecraft server?

To join the Vanilla-Minecraft server, open your Minecraft Launcher and click the "Play" button. From the menu, select the "Multiplayer" option.

Next, click the "Add Server" button, paste the server address (play.vanilla-minecraft.fr) into the "Server Address" input, and click "Done".

Once the server connection turns green, you can click "Join Server" to join and start playing on the Vanilla-Minecraft server.

Which Minecraft version is supported on the Vanilla-Minecraft server?

The Vanilla-Minecraft server supports version 1.17. While you can attempt to join with a different version, it is recommended to use the 1.17 Minecraft client version.