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SMP (Survival Multiplayer) Minecraft servers offer a dynamic and collaborative gameplay experience, where players can explore, build, and survive together in a shared world. SMP servers provide a rich and immersive sandbox environment that encourages creativity, cooperation, and community engagement. In this article, we delve into the world of SMP Minecraft servers, highlighting the features, benefits, and the joy of embarking on a collective survival adventure.

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DonutSMP is an exhilarating Minecraft Hardcore Server and SMP that welcomes both Bedrock and Java editions of the game. What sets it apart is its hardcore nature, where players face a challenging environment with high stakes. In this server, if you perish, you face a two-day ban from the server, ...


Welcome to BlossomCraft, a remarkable server renowned for its incredible experiences. Whether you're a Java or Bedrock player, we welcome you to join our laid-back, no grief, economy-based SMP server. Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to create a welcoming and inclu...


PlayFuse PlayFuse is a server focus on quality. We currently provide Three gamemodes, SkyBlock, our latest gamemode. SMP that we have had for over two years and the newly opened Creative All the gamemodes have been well thought out, are balanced and theres a ton of features to play with, such as ...

33LifeSteal SMP

Welcome to the public LifeSteal SMP! We are a simple server based on semi-vanilla with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players! If you kill someone, you receive their heart and the person you killed loses a heart, which will result in the killer having a maximum of 11 ...


FruitySMP is Minecraft's Largest LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server for both Java and Bedrock Edition, it was created by content creator Monjii after struggling to find a safe space for his community. We are a friendly and inclusive survival server and are accepting of all people! It would be great to h...

59Boats N Bunnies

Welcome to Boats N Bunnies! We are a small community based discord server and Minecraft SMP! Here are some things you should know: - Version 1.17.1 - Ages 13+ - Friendly community and helpful Staff! - Java and Bedrock crossplay server! - Peaceful, non-griefing server. We are looking for new membe...

94RebelCraft SMP

This is a SMP server with a good community, it has a few plugins but you can always suggest a few! There is a also a discord server if you would like to suggest your plugins in there because that would make it a lot easier!


---OREOMC--- OreoMC is a Minecraft server designed from the ground up with custom content in mind. We have worked countless hours to create something truly unique from your classic Minecraft experience. If you are tired of the same old Minecraft server we invite you to check out our server to exp...


Hello. This is the OriginsZ SMP. Please read the description and join the **discord** for the mods. DO NOT TRY TO JOIN THE SERVER WITHOUT THE MODS. YOU WILL GET DISCONNECTED. Discord (REQUIRED TO JOIN FOR IP AND MODS): As Discord's TOS requires that you b...


uhm, we dont got a banner so uh, yea, anyways. night SMP is a cool SMP where its PLAIN vanilla no plugins (besides world edit for testing) a active community! raidingn is allowed under circumstances provided that can be: if the person who owns the base has killed you or has killed anything that b...


VanillaMC is a Life Simulation, start the journey on Earth, upon being born into our server, you will find yourself in the spawn area, here you will use /warp to go to Earth, Moon or any other planets you choose. Would you like to play on an infinite world? We have one! Be careful as you will enc...

136Ozryn SMP

OzrynSMP is a semi-vanilla SMP. We are running several plugins designed to make your Minecraft experience just a bit better! We are now offering the choice of either 1.8 or 1.9 Combat Mechanics! Our plugins include, but are not limited to, Grief Prevention, TreeGravity, SilkSpawners and Player Wa...

144HearthCraft HearthCraft is a is an economy SMP with a 0% pay-to-win store (verify for yourself!) economy SMP that has been making the best experiences since October of 2018. We're experts in bringing people together. Have a sneak peek here! No, this is not an RPG, a custom-world SMP,...


Network of a ton of servers such as lifesteal, SMP, pvp and more servers coming to the network!!! Join now we have cool servers

178The Witch Chest

Hello? Is it me you are looking for? What is love? Baby don't hurt me. No more. Info : - Location: Europe - Survival - SMP - Skyblock - Minigames - Dungeons - UHC

184Stone Zone

This dank server is over two years old with no plans of shutting down anytime soon. The world has chunks that date back to 1.15 beautifully blended with new 1.19 chunks. This server has no plans of resetting the world. Updates and back-ups happen fairly often. Stone Zone is a small SMP that offer...

219Free Build

NEW SERVER! Welcome to Free Build, "The SMP Server". The Free Build server is a 1.15 survival server with many gameplay options to make it a more enjoyable experience. This server was built based on the idea to keep the survival aspect untouched and add plugins to enhance the experience...

220CoffeeCraft Survival

CoffeeCraft is a place for everyone who loves vanilla Survival and is looking for a great group of people to play with. This is a great place to make friends fast, as we encourage players to be friendly and not grief. This is a server ran by experienced Minecraft server owners, and is running on ...


Survival SMP Non-P2W server! No claiming & no keep inventory! Griefing, Killing, Scamming is allowed. Hacking is NOT! Custom Economy and Auction House! If you're interested: **IP:**

243Stone Zone SMP

Join the dankest SMP on the West Coast. -Treecapitation -Silk Touch Spawners -Multiplayer Sleep -Hostile Creature Loot -Smarter, Faster Hostile MOBs -Creeper Birthday Party -Emerald Shop and Villager Eggs -Player Heads -Name Colors -Hats -Safe Spawn Zone -Basic Teleport

244G-Dem SMP

Join the G-Dem SMP, we a small nice community on a none resetting semi-vanilla server. Want to make farms and sell in an economy then the shopping district if for you! Prefer walking more dangerously then team up with friends, become aggressive and raid all the other aggressive peoples bases!


a small SMP made for everyone! friendly staff and friendly players, you can vote to get in game keys. Hope to see you on the server! -Wlio


We're a small community of mature teens/adults who enjoy the SMP experience on a whitelist server. If you would like to join our community, please apply on our Discord: We ask all new members to our community to be respectful. Both Discord and in-game chat are SF...

294Stranger SMP S3

STRANGER SMP Looking for a Truly Vanilla SMP with a chill community. This is the server for you. -No /home -No /tpa. -No economy. -PvP is on and allowed. -Keep inventory is off. -No claim land Think your up for the challenge? The server is on 1.17.1 Invite link: Serv...

306EpicSMP - Public SMP

EpicSMP is a public SMP server with no land claiming! A Minecraft server, public SMP with no claims and 1.17 Vanilla PvP gamemode!


Shared Survival and Exploration:

SMP servers provide a platform for players to embark on a shared survival journey. Whether it's starting from scratch or joining an established community, players must gather resources, build shelters, and navigate the challenges of the Minecraft world together. From mining deep underground for precious ores to venturing into dangerous dungeons and exploring vast landscapes, SMP servers offer a sense of camaraderie as players collaborate and overcome obstacles as a team.

Collaborative Building Projects:

One of the defining features of SMP servers is the opportunity for collaborative building projects. Players can join forces to construct massive cities, intricate structures, or impressive landscapes. Whether it's designing a bustling marketplace, constructing an elaborate castle, or crafting an awe-inspiring pixel art masterpiece, SMP servers foster a creative and collaborative environment where players can contribute their unique skills and ideas to collectively build something extraordinary.

Economy and Trading:

Many SMP servers incorporate an in-game economy, allowing players to trade resources, items, and services. This economic system encourages interaction and collaboration among players as they engage in bartering, establish shops, and participate in a thriving marketplace. The economy adds depth and realism to the gameplay, providing opportunities for specialization, entrepreneurship, and community-driven commerce.

Community Engagement and Events:

SMP servers thrive on community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among players. Server-wide events, competitions, and activities are often organized to bring the community together and provide a shared sense of achievement. From treasure hunts to PvP tournaments and building contests, these events encourage participation, spark creativity, and create lasting memories within the server community.

Player-Run and Admin-Managed:

SMP servers are typically player-run with the support of dedicated administrators or server moderators. This combination ensures a well-moderated and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. Admins enforce server rules, resolve disputes, and maintain the server's overall stability and performance. Player-run aspects empower the community, allowing players to have a say in server policies, events, and server-wide decisions.

Endless Possibilities and Long-Term Gameplay:

SMP servers offer nearly endless gameplay possibilities, making them ideal for long-term engagement. The combination of survival, exploration, building, and community interaction creates a sandbox experience where players can continually set new goals, take on challenges, and forge lasting friendships. The evolving nature of SMP servers ensures that every day brings new adventures, discoveries, and opportunities for growth.