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RareSMP is tagged as SMP server. Survival SMP Non-P2W server! No claiming & no keep inventory! Griefing, Killing, Scamming is allowed. Hacking is NOT! Custom Economy and Auction House! If you're interested: **IP: RareSMP.minehut.gg**


BlossomCraft is tagged as SMP server. Java IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Bedrock IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Port: 19132 Discord: discord.BlossomCraft.org Welcome to BlossomCraft, an excellent server known for its amazing experiences. We are a laid-back...


FruitySMP is tagged as SMP server. FruitySMP is Minecraft's Largest LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server for both Java and Bedrock Edition, it was created by content creator Monjii after struggling to find a safe space for his community. We are a friendly ...


LinearSMP is tagged as SMP server. LinearSMP! Play survival Minecraft with dungeons to fight mobs in! Make teams! Get an Elytra! Go to the nether! And more!

52LifeSteal SMPLifeSteal SMP

LifeSteal SMP is tagged as SMP server. Welcome to the public LifeSteal SMP! We are a simple server based on semi-vanilla with an additional feature where you can steal hearts from other players! If you kill someone, you receive their heart and the...


BobcatsSMP is tagged as SMP server. This is a new sever and will have some bugs in it. When you do run into a bug please do /report bug. This sever is a Vanilla, PVP, SMP, and a Survival server/world. Enjoy the server and have fun! Server IP: Bobc...


PlayFuse is tagged as SMP server. PlayFuse PlayFuse is a server focus on quality. We currently provide Three gamemodes, SkyBlock, our latest gamemode. SMP that we have had for over two years and the newly opened Creative All the gamemodes have bee...

105Boats N BunniesBoats N Bunnies

Boats N Bunnies is tagged as SMP server. Welcome to Boats N Bunnies! We are a small community based discord server and Minecraft SMP! Here are some things you should know: - Version 1.17.1 - Ages 13+ - Friendly community and helpful Staff! - Java ...

111Nuetronium ClassicNuetronium Classic

Nuetronium Classic is tagged as SMP server. Nuetronium Classic is a small SMP PvE server dedicated to bringing players a seamless and not overwheliming minecraft experience. We have a few custom mobs that roam the caves, easy claims (Using a stick...

128The Witch ChestThe Witch Chest

The Witch Chest is tagged as SMP server. Hello? Is it me you are looking for? What is love? Baby don't hurt me. No more. Info : - Location: Europe - Survival - SMP - Skyblock - Minigames - Dungeons - UHC


DualShockSMP is tagged as SMP server. Welcome to DualShockSMP A Roleplay SMP server to have fun, create nations, start wars etc! To be Whitelisted into our smp, Join our Discord and follow instructions!

173Vyxel MCVyxel MC

Vyxel MC is tagged as SMP server. Ready for a new adventure? Weve got you covered! Welcome to Vyxel. Whats so good about us you ask? Well where to start our server is: -Semi vanilla SMP -1.14 -Community orientated -Economy inclusive -Daily rewards...

180RawMinecraft 2.0RawMinecraft 2.0

RawMinecraft 2.0 is tagged as SMP server. Original Mojang server file, Vanilla SMP for builders. Share your screenshots on http://rawminecraft.com/ . It may be a new ip address but it's the same old world builds we know love seeing. Please...

190Chaosity SMPChaosity SMP

Chaosity SMP is tagged as SMP server. Chaosity's SMP server is a server designed for all. It has Cross-Platform Java Bedrock support. You have the ability to claim your chunk to avoid being grieved, work jobs to gain experience and cash, sel...

192Leaf smpLeaf smp

Leaf smp is tagged as SMP server. We are a smp we all are united as a family also join our discord server link somewhere Also no grief and be all kind to everyone

195United LandsUnited Lands

United Lands is tagged as SMP server. United Lands is a Towny-based Earth SMP that integrates peace, war, economies and events thanks to our unique mechanics. We are a friendly server with an active Discord and community as well as a helpful staff...

202Anything MinecraftAnything Minecraft

Anything Minecraft is tagged as SMP server. AnythingMinecraft is part of the next wave of SMP. Designed to be for the players and their enjoyment. Always constantly adding new mods and new functions. Features: - Complete Survival World - Difficult...


VanillaCraft is tagged as SMP server. We're a small community of mature teens/adults who enjoy the SMP experience on a whitelist server. If you would like to join our community, please apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/BaAQRaSR2P We ask...


UMBCraft is tagged as SMP server. A server dedicated to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County All are welcome to join and enjoy several gamemodes! Towny / SMP Random item Skyblock Anarchy Kit PvP Factions and more coming soon!

242Advanced Survival SMPAdvanced Survival SMP

Advanced Survival SMP is tagged as SMP server. A TRUE Survival Experience! Advanced Survival is a (mostly) Vanilla SMP, with NO WHITELIST, that offers a 100% Survival experience. There are no rules, grief, PVP, steal, lavacast, and play at your ow...

249EpicSMP - Public SMPEpicSMP - Public SMP

EpicSMP - Public SMP is tagged as SMP server. EpicSMP is a public SMP server with no land claiming! A Minecraft server, public SMP with no claims and 1.17 Vanilla PvP gamemode!

270Stranger SMP S3Stranger SMP S3

Stranger SMP S3 is tagged as SMP server. STRANGER SMP Looking for a Truly Vanilla SMP with a chill community. This is the server for you. -No /home -No /tpa. -No economy. -PvP is on and allowed. -Keep inventory is off. -No claim land Think your up...


ComparatorCraftSMP is tagged as SMP server. ComparatorCraftSMP Website: https://comparatorcraftsmp.net ComparatorCraftSMP is a Hermitcraft like Minecraft server experience with our own spin. We are a community focused SMP for more hardcore players...

288The Sleep DeprivedThe Sleep Deprived

The Sleep Deprived is tagged as SMP server. || 1.18 || 100% Vanilla || SMP || Whitelisted || --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a few days old 1.18 minecraft server, currentl...

321Lightning Smp Java and...Lightning Smp Java and Bedrock

Lightning Smp Java and Bedrock is tagged as SMP server. It's a Bedrock and java smp! The rules and bedrock ip are in the discord! Everyone here is friendly and are willing to help! This is survival with no mods.


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