Minecraft Servers 1.15.2

Discover a comprehensive list of Minecraft servers running version 1.15.2. Whether you're specifically seeking a Minecraft server with the 1.15.2 update or interested in exploring different versions, this list is a must-see.

Browse through the various servers available and find the perfect fit for your gameplay preferences. Dive into the features and improvements introduced in Minecraft version 1.15.2, including new biomes, mobs, blocks, and gameplay enhancements. Experience the thrill of adventuring in the newest Minecraft world alongside other passionate players.

Minecraft Server List for Version 1.15.2

Rank Name Server Players Status

Oblique Minecraft server offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience centered around the popular Pixelmon mod. Here are some features that make ObliqueMC stand out:[Gyms]: ObliqueMC features a player-staffed Gym system with levels ranging from 25 to 100. Defeating Gym leaders grants players ...

509The Matrix Realm

The Matrix Realm is a whitelisted Minecraft server that caters to players who enjoy working collaboratively and focusing on redstone creations and innovative builds. Here's what you can expect from this server:Whitelisted Server: The Matrix Realm operates as a whitelisted server, meaning that pla...

681Sneyersul Minecraft Co...

Sneyersul Minecraft Community is a Minecraft server that aims to provide an engaging and interactive experience for its players. The server offers various features and functionalities to enhance gameplay and foster a sense of community.The server has a creative mode that is particularly suitable ...


The SlikkyMC Minecraft server is an Anarchy-style server that promotes unrestricted gameplay with minimal rules and regulations. It emphasizes an environment of chaos, allowing players to engage in unfiltered PvP (Player vs. Player) combat, griefing, and destruction. The server operates in a Vani...


Additionally, if you're interested in exploring other Minecraft versions, this list provides a diverse range of options. Whether you want to revisit an older version for nostalgia or explore the unique gameplay of different Minecraft releases, you'll find servers catering to various versions and their respective features.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the exciting world of 1.15.2 Minecraft servers or explore the vast array of options available across different versions. Begin your Minecraft journey and join a community of dedicated players today.